The University Lung Clinic is a team of lung health professionals including:

Dr. Mohit Bhutani
Dr. Neil Brown
Dr. Ron Damant
Dr. Alim Hirji
Dr. Carla Irani
Dr. Ali Kapasi
Dr. Winnie Leung
Dr. Dale Lien
Dr. Irvin Mayers
Dr. Anu Parhar
Dr. Hari Vliagoftis
Dr. Justin Weinkauf
Dr. Eric Wong
Dr. Jaled Yehya

Colleen Makarowski – Registered Respiratory Therapist/Educator

Mohamad Osman – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Shadae Choufi – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Hena Patel – Registered Respiratory Therapist

Dennise Schutz – Business Manager
Denise Dykstra – Finance Manager

Nola Schimpf – Clinic Supervisor
Shelley Banman – Clinic Administrator
Tammy McGregor – Clinic Administrator

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